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Notice: After successful submission of this form, you will find the download link for the datasets in the confirmation message on this page.


Also see the description under ‘Datasets‘.

The data are compressed to 19.3MB. In the .rar file (extract with WinRar) you will find the following SQL files:

“Raw” data:

  • lending_actions.sql (65.5MB) – lending actions
  • lender.sql (10.5MB) – lenders
  • loan.sql (2.36MB) – loans
  • lending_team.sql (769KB) – teams
  • membership.sql (5.48MB) – memberships

Constructed datasets:

  • setmaineffect.sql (37.5MB) – Dataset for testing the main effect of team membership on lending behavior
  • setmodels.sql (9MB) – Dataset for testing the effect of lending behavior or team captains on that of team members (modelling effect). MySQL rand() was used to create a random selection from this dataset.

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